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After the ratification, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton continued to support the Federalist party, Hamilton being the leader of it.Madison, however, joined with Jefferson in creating the Republican party and fiercely opposed the Hamilton plan.A racially-charged criminal trial and a heart-rending love story converge in this documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving, set during the turbulent Civil Rights era. See full summary » On the road to Lake Tahoe, a stressed out young executive meets a woman who forever changes his life.Shot in the spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains, "The Last Place On Earth" is a funny, ... See full summary » Three Lakota Sioux men enroll in a historically black college, and their reluctance to assimilate causes friction between their black peers.It is not based on a true story, but it does depict the attitude of our country toward black and white relationships during the civil rights movements.pers, a collection of articles and writings pushing for a more Federalist government, and for the ratification of the Constitution.

He spoke to a friend and asked him to e-mail me and give me his (Kai's) cell number so we could talk about a photo shoot (it was a way to ask me for a date I guess).

Having met in 2007, Dayana and Kai are now devoted to one another along with their respective goals: to win the Ms. As is often the case with such matters, the minute their relationship was made public people began to talk and various accounts regarding their relationship were voiced.

Now for the first time you can get the whole truth as Dayana discusses her relationship with Kai. rofessional bodybuilding officially has a new couple for the 21st century: top tier champions Dayana Cadeau and Kai Greene.

Conversely, bodybuilding relationships can be desirable, depending on those involved, since a certain level of understanding and empathy is often required for a bodybuilder to work through the hard times they must inevitably endure on their road to the top.

And who better to offer this help than a fellow bodybuilder.

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