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And here let me introduce you an Asian woman with severe internalised racism, self hate and worshipper of white supremacy.

While this is a somewhat accurate depiction of the general population’s relationship as stated in the National Geographic article, this does not mean there should be an almost complete lack of other interracial relationships, specifically Asian males with white females (AMWF couples) on TV.

This is in part because of two prevailing stereotypes facing Asians and dating, yellow fever and the Asian man as not sexy.

These stereotypes can be seen in several shows, such as The Mindy Project and Two Broke Girls while other shows such as Selfie attempt to break these boundaries.

The blogger Evan at s Culture War Reporters lists each of these negative images attributed to Han in the show, such as “short, cherubic, childlike, disrespected, impotent, unmanly, unattractive, gullible, emasculated, unpopular, effeminate, [and] desperate”.

Another show that also contributes to this unsexy and nerdy image is the character of Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) on The Big Bang Theory, who cannot even talk to women for the majority of the show.

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