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“The intent is for this to be 100 percent sponsor-funded.Then we can go to council and say, ‘We have sponsorships, we have the vendor, let’s go.’ ”The city is in negotiations with a provider that has more than 140 bike share systems across the U. A launch date for the program is dependent on filling those sponsorships, and City Council and staff approval.A few other Norfolk bike tidbits The city plans on replacing the 230 or so white pylons that guard the bike lanes along Llewellyn Avenue between Olney Road and 21st Street later this month or in early April.

Snow budget gone So it seems we’ve had a rather mild winter (and it’s March, so we have to be outta the realm of a possible snow, right? Finishing upn Drove over one of Virginia’s unique bridges on a mini-road trip last weekend. Crews are installing a new traffic pattern in Segment II, shifting the existing travel lanes to the outside in both east and west directions between Lee Hall and Busch Gardens.Filion says bike shares appeal to a wide audience like visitors, students, occasional riders, those who don’t have a car, or friends who want to join in on a bike ride but don’t own their own bike.“We want it to be affordable and simple to use,” Filion said.It could also help public transit users with the “first and last mile” between their origin and bus stop and their getting off point and their final destination.We also offer advance rider course (ERC / BRC2) trike / sidecar classes and Lee Parks total control classes.Must have a drivers license or learners permit to take the course!

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Scott Harper | The Virginian-Pilot The city of Norfolk is exploring the idea of sponsorships to pay the startup costs of a proposed bike share program.

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