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“I didn’t plan on this happening,” Gilchrist told CTV Ottawa.

“I just wanted to freshen up my storefront, honestly.” She chose the palette based on Shadowfax’s “signature colours,” but the look turned out brighter than she anticipated.

Still, Gilchrist wants to keep the storefront as is -- a decision that she hopes “brings a change to Perth.” “[There’s] huge public support from my fellow business people and from the town itself, saying that they love it, it’s exactly what Perth needs, and that it doesn’t actually detract from the heritage aspect of the town,” Gilchrist told CTV Ottawa.

“We’re business owners; we don’t want to look tacky.

"People respect the fact that at 49-years-old, he's still going strong. He's getting faster, he's getting stronger and he has more energy. For Hopkins it's starts outside the ring, he breaks you." "At 49-years-old, being the oldest champion in any sport, he deserves tons of respect." Boxing’s ageing champions Bob Fitzsimmons, 40: In November 1903, former middleweight and heavyweight world champion Bob Fitzsimmons outpointed George Gardner over 20 rounds to win the light heavyweight crown and become boxing's first three-division champion.

Fitzsimmons, at 40-years-old, was four years removed from losing this heavyweight title.

Hopkins legacy is already astounding, and the Philadephian, who was reformed after a period in jail for robbery in his late teens, remains an extremely wealthy man and does not need the money.

What Hopkins does possess, however, is a hit-and-not-be-hit, hit-and-hold style which has seen him receive little punishment in his contests.When Angie Gilchrist painted her storefront in Perth, Ont., she was hoping to attract more customers.Instead, the business owner has attracted the attention of city officials who say the purple, orange, and lime-green façade breaks a heritage bylaw.Many of those people who stop boxing go on to suffer a boxing-related dementia. He's also evidently very good to still be in the business at his age.“I suspect there are many in the sport who would be happy to have half the legacy and half the money.

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