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Valerie was 16-years-old when she started turning tricks.

put them away, not touch anything and go straight to the shower, do this intense shower ritual and then even wash the taps that I touched.Actually, he told me, he was bringing in some pretty good money hanging out with gay men in their hotel rooms, watching their televisions and chatting with his clothes on. This was not the type of drunk-on-a-floor convo I had envisioned, the one where we slowly inch closer together until our mouths are touching.He stumbled out my front door and made me promise not to tell.We had located each other at some tiny little point on the social Venn diagram where we listened to the same bands and liked the same drugs, and not much else.When we ended up cross-legged on my tiny patch of bedroom floor, nursing a half-spent jug of wine he’d plucked from my kitchen, I assumed we’d make out. You know when you're so drunk that the connective tissue of normal human conversation begins to dissolve?

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When we met late at another bar down the road, he quickly threw back a series of weird dad beers while I sipped Budweiser and fed dollars to the jukebox.

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