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Rahbarifar Joined Persepolis in 1993 under Ali Parvin, playing 9 seasons with them.

at the beginning of 2003–04 season, Akbar Ghamkhar became chairman of the club and he decided to make reformations and players such as Rahbarifar who had good relations with Ali Parvin, were not included in his schemes.

Only a select few have achieved what Behrouz has managed in his two decades in the scene.The author was Abu'l-Hassan Ali, son of Abu'l-Karim Mohammed Athir ed-Din es-Cheibani el-Djezeri, who received the title Eizz ed-Din, and is sometimes referred to as Ibn-Alatyr.He wrote towards the end of the first quarter of the 13th century.The Mongol states established after the Mongol invasion of the early to mid-13th century are set out in the separate document MONGOLS.Turkestan in Central Asia was ruled by the Persian dynasty of the Samanids in the 10th century.

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