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But, as a rapper, with some of the typical misogynist lyrics and a hypermasculine image to maintain, he will likely internalize the trauma of this incident, and this faceless white woman will fade away quietly into the night unscathed, while debates ensue about whether Brown actually wanted this oral sex.

This is an all-too-familiar narrative when black bodies are claimed sexually by white people itching to sample the taboo that is feral black sexuality.

The fact is, where the power and privilege of the combinations of gender and race are involved, our bodies are not always our own; they are constantly subject to the use of the powerful, in this case, white women.

And though men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of sexual assault, even against other men, Danny Browns are certainly more common than we think, and we can’t continue to ignore it.

I didn't agree to the claims at all, saying "Sure, since season 5 there are SOME dull episodes that have shown up, but downhill?

Black male slaves could be ordered to have sex with white women and threatened with a trip to the auction block or physical terror unless they complied, and white women made full use of their standing in selecting their partners to ensure discretion and domination as in the following example:…the [white] woman preyed on more than one man… White women could manipulate white men’s fear of untamed black male sexuality and use it to their advantage in pursuing relationships with black men by threatening to claim they were raped if the man refused her advances or revealed them to the public.Unfortunately, over the years, black men have begun to embrace this image of wild sexuality, hoping that we can protect ourselves from assault and objectification by reclaiming the very image of beastliness and danger that whites used as justification for our enslavement and lynching.But this reclamation project is proving unsuccessful as our hypermasculine, hypersexual posturing only seems to make our bodies even more available.This hyper availability manifests in a variety of ways.At its least destructive, white women stare at my crotch as I walk across Duke’s campus.

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The next view of his face shows he has two black eyes. Out of all episodes I gave a 6 or lower, the count was up at seven.

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