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We use double thick boxes, 1″ foam, and industrial 1/2″ bubble wrap to assure that your amp arrives safely.International orders will be declared as merchandise, and the value of merchandise will be declared as the amount paid.The two-button footswitch is extremely clean, as is the included manual, schematic, and envelope for the paperwork (stamped “SR” in the corner to mark the amp model) are in great shape.Check out our shop “Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar, ” and please let us know if we can answer any questions!We cannot declare anything as a gift or for a lesser value.The item “1971 Fender Super Reverb Vintage Silverface Tube Amp Near Mint with Cover, Ftsw” is in sale since Friday, September 22, 2017.Up for sale, a 1979 Fender Bassman 10 in excellent condition and in perfect working order.This Silverface Fender has been thoroughly serviced and is now arguably both more powerful and tonally rich than original factory spec.

Comparable to the Bassman 70 head in terms of power and design, the Bassman 10 has the classic, lightly compressed sound of the earlier Bassman models, with ample headroom before pushing into smooth tube overdrive at around 5 on the Volume dial.The circuit is very original, and all of the stock Schumacher transformers date to the first weeks of 1971.All of the CTS pots are stock as well (also dating to early’71) and the preamp is virtually untouched aside from new grid resistors and a couple bypass caps to keep everything operating within factory spec and as designed for the AB763 circuit.The preamp tubes are an assortment of mostly vintage valves by RCA and General Electric.The original CTS speaker quad features minty black stamped frames, 1971 date codes, and original blue foil Fender stickers on the alnico magnets.

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