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As you can imagine, there are tons of people that are unsuspecting singles who engage with someone wonderful [online] but that person turns out to be married. If understood, it could also affect the history of the future." -- New Republic"A remarkable document in itself. Proof of the 'Palestinian' lie, and how it's faked out to the media. She has contributed to Harper's, Commentary, The New Republic, The New Leader, and other periodicals, and has served as White House consultant on the Middle East. It is so detailed and so well written that even average folks like us canunderstand it. This should be required reading at the UN...whether they like it ornot.Biderman's business card really is fashioned like an upscale hotel key.All outrageousness aside, one would assume that Biderman is an instant hero to sneaky married men and Public Enemy No. The bold broker of lust and I sat down for a chat recently and Biderman disclosed that his entire business strategy has been to lure married women to the other side of fidelity.

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