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In 1953 the Gruen family sold their interest in the company.

According to the Cincinnati Business Record, this incarnation of the Gruen Watch Company failed in 1976.

In his Columbus workshop, Dietrich modified, finished and cased raw movements that were imported from Switzerland.

These new watches included his patented safety pinion.

These first Gruen watches are of very high quality and are beautifully made. The Gruens dealt directly with individual jewelry stores; there were no wholesalers or jobbers involved in the distribution of their watches.

Both 18 and 16 size versions were manufactured, each in both open face and hunter styles, and in 18- and 21-jewel versions. In 1908 Gruen introduced both men's and women's wristwatches. Gruen was one of a very few companies to take wristwatches seriously this early, seeing their potential in spite of disappointing early sales to male customers.

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The contents of the factory, including all the tooling and stocks of movements, were eventually purchased by the Studebaker family, moved to Indiana (along with many key employees) and used to start the South Bend Watch Company.

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