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This is quite thin as plots go, but not as thin as the sheets that she and her new lover Kate are under for most of the show.The bedclothes are arranged terribly artfully, to expose as much as possible without revealing all.They discuss knitting techniques and Fifty Shades of Grey (the book, not wool tints).Even Terry Turbo comes across as human, expressing doubts about sleeping with his 251st woman just for the sex of it.On the way, it offers nuggets of information: gays, for instance, are most untruthful on their online dating profiles, while Scots are most truthful.

But all that smartness gets wearying after a while.

(One of the patients stopped knocking on death’s door long enough to whisper the mortal line, ‘You are too pretty to be a nurse.’) The series can’t forget how desirable it is, which stops it from being truly daring.

In the fourth episode, good-looking ethnic-Chinese lesbian Erica is having trouble coming out to her family.

Also, when the TV couple finished their meal and headed for the exit, they didn’t leave a child behind, so no, on the whole, probably not the Camerons.

Anyway, Dates is brought to us by the creator of Skins, and is the kind of unexpected thing you’d expect.

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