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Biologists say they're doing that to help prevent the estimated extinction of the animals by 2025.

I just want to take a moment to imagine a bunch of penguins being awkwardly ushered into little rooms where they make penguin small talk and look around the room nervously before totally going at it and repopulating the earth with nothing but adorable penguin babies.

She tells him she loves him, and he tells the camera that he’s worried that this relationship has the potential for more conflict than the others that he’s been pursuing on the show, and they pull out their invitation to spend the night together, and that tiny silver key that you know they recycle for all three women. Get real, you’re holding the same key that already unlocked Raven’s door to Pleasure Island two nights before.

For example, she only wants to be engaged and married once, and I really appreciate seeing that she’s not just going to go along with whatever future Thumb decides on, but that she has her own vision of what a life together would and should look like.The tape is labeled “The Women Tell All,” and I’ve been made to understand that anyone on it has already been eliminated as a suspect, but ABC thinks it would be worthwhile for me to watch it, so I guess I’ll clear my schedule and tell my teenage daughter I’m busy. Not with me, with her friends, but she wanted me to drive her.Sometimes she sits in the backseat and screams at me like a hotel magnate. Anyway, let’s catch up with women that Thumb definitely doesn’t end up with, and see if he still remembers their names. For some reason, this time around, we’re only speaking with nineteen of the most compelling women of the case, and I really appreciate someone finally making my job easier for once.As she eagerly tells the camera, “Nick is really good at what he does,” and I’ve never heard such an unintentionally cutting way of describing him.The guy doesn’t do much, but he does do sex, and it sounds like he’s good at it, based on this “I Had My First O Last Night” montage that the producers have put together for Raven. Less lucky with her coverage is Bachelorachel, who gets the second date with Thumb, and continues talking about their deep, electric connection while maintaining a healthy distance of at least ten feet at all times.

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And with a couple more shots of Thumb and Bachelorachel making nice, we’re finally speeding toward that final round of surveillance, the three-hour finale. But at least we’ll finally be able to close this case, and get Thumb’s likability back to him. Alexis Rhiannon (@mindtheclam) is a freelance writer and comedian who grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is now located in New York City.

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