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Don’t change who you are : Ok, in all honesty, this is probably the most important one.If you’ve been asked out by a French person, it’s because they took an interest in you. Avoid politicians at all costs and you should be OK. If you make it to babies then note that medieval names are making a comeback: Corentin and Tugdual for the boys, and Isabeau or Alienor for the girls. French women are more likely to fake an orgasm than any other women in the Western world, a 2015 study found. I know that this sounds completely counter-intuitive, but it works.

Because sleeping with him/her on the very first date will not be held against you.

Well-sourced produce, ingredients and some creativity in the kitchen are key to eating like a French person at home.

And if your cooking skills please them, you’re already ahead of the game.

So be careful what you say to a French man in the bedroom, as you might inadvertently hit upon a sensitive topic. After taking in all this advice, you can finally relax, be happy and look happy.

Get to know the guidelines on seducing a French woman before you attempt it yourself. more than a third of young French men say that watching porn has given them a complex about the size of the penis.

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The French love a bit of poetic language, so quote some idiomatic French expressions on your dates to get yourself fluent in the language of love.

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