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It was a terrible blow to the couple and to their marriage, Amy Licence noting that it was “as if Edward had been a bond that broke them with his death”. Polydore Vergil said that Richard was complaining to a number of courtiers that Anne could no longer give him an heir.

Some have targeted the hackers and the company, looking to punish them both for the data breach.

Yet it is far more sinister to depict uncle and niece of having indeed been in love, and worse, having had a sexual relationship.

Tudor and Elizabethan writers usually presented Elizabeth as the victim of her uncle’s evil intentions, or lust in some cases.

The Canadian government, where Ashley Madison is located, said it is investigating two suicides possibly related to the hack, and some attorneys who have filed 8 million class action lawsuit against the company.

Ashley Madison is offering a 0,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the people involved in the hack.

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