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He relies on second hand material and hearsay when talking about Jawbreaker (who are rarely referred to as an emo band in my opinion) and Sunny Day Real Estate, fails to mention the early 90's San Diego hardcore scene (which had an integral part in shaping what we call emo), gives Lifetime a passing mention and there is not a single reference to Moss Icon, skramz (for lack of better words), Gravity or even Ebullition records.The interviews he conducts in the book are mostly uninformative he fills in the gaps with needless details such as what type of car Geoff Rickley drove in the early aughts or how many groupies seem to be hassling Chris Carraba as he endlessly toured for his masters at Vagrant.But by now we all now what happened, streaming and downloading sunk the music industry and bands are more concerned with singing for their supper now than they were with looking like rock stars during photo shoots (for better or worse you decide).So when Greenwald,this book was written in the infancy stage of the whole emo boom before My Chemical Romance and the girl jean fiasco so I'm sure none of us could see it coming, praises the Vagrant model he fails to see how that could have spelled disaster for the underground scene (which in fairness I'm sure he could have cared less about).To Vagrant's credit, unlike Victory Records, they did treat their artists well for the most part (mostly the bands they second handed) the offense really wasn't toward the artists but more so to the DIY scene in a way that isn't so obvious as smaller labels having to find new talent.The problem I have isn't so much that I don't think Vagrant is DIY more so that other smaller labels started following Vagrant's lead, realizing that an "indie" (of course major label distribution has always been a favorite loop hole in indie labels upholding DIY credibility) could be on even footing with major labels many in-scene labels followed suit promising bands success and careers.

A valuable resource for young listeners and adults who want to know their music; get it before emo goes the corporate way of "alternative" rock. He doesn't thinkevery last emo record is pure outpouring--after all, it's still a marketedproduct.

Emo, as their music is known, combines the thoughtfulness of folk with the sensibilities and DIY ethos of punk.

Emo bands appeal with introspective lyrics rather than the "see my clothes, see my butt" treacle major labels promote.

Im halfway thru the book and its hard for me to put it down cause im into this kind of music. Pick this up if you want to learn about the beginnings and some culture of punk-emo stuff!

I thought I'd read this book and be all like oh Dashboard Confessional is so great and they're helping me straighten myself out.

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Mike Tribby Copyright © American Library Association. I wish 2 things: 1) that I had known about this book about 10-12 years ago and 2) that Greenwald would do a follow up on the bands he talked about/to in this book. But, savvy as he is, he also finds art among the Hot Topicposeurs, and lets us know why, love them or hate them , Weezer and Dashboard Confessional are such seminal bands.

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