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It breaks my heart and I assure you that Zahra would prefer to be tasered like Mostafa Tabatabainejad 10 times more than being in this situation!

Many of you may not know what the meaning of "being trapped" in Iran is. No matter what the reason, "siaasi" or "akhlaaghi" (political or moral), they have a way to make you feel you want to die. Mahsa Meshki I like to say, that in exercising her passion, Ansari has exercised godliness and perhaps attained it.

Out of the innumerable characteristics women have, why focus on their beliefs?There were signs of extreme exhaustion in her manner. She wanted the security of a family and the warmth of a real friendship.Ensy could see a kind of hidden pain in her eyes whenever their eyes contacted. As soon as she stopped her giggles and opened her lips to talk, Ensy could hear the sound of a tortured woman .They passed that milestone decades ago, and for years for extra income they have been acting as taxi drivers by picking up passengers on their way to their regular jobs as doctors, bankers, teachers, etc.What’s new now is that it’s official, and it’s for the services of pious rich female passengers like Rafsanjani’s daughters and brides, when for some reason they cannot use their Mercedes Benz. In a few other provinces they were doing it already, but Tehran in that respect was a backward metropolis In 1992, the publication of a new women's magazine, Zanan, was a first clear sign that there was a rift within the ranks of the Islamic phalanx in Iran, creating a narrow crevice for uttering slightly different opinions without being immediately executed.

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Not even touching on the next 15, I tried my best to tell them I’ve had enough. None would hear of it Azam Nemati I want to help out the brothers and make the task less stressful since many of you are so clueless and have no imagination when it comes to buying gifts for us for any occasion.

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