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Tanner is not Stefan, but Stefan's elder, malevolent and dangerous brother Damon, who has been trying to seduce her on the sly and trying to possess her whole entire being in order to hurt Stefan in anger, jealousy and revenge.

Elena deeply and strongly loves Stefan, though, and consistently rejects Damon's repeated advances.

When Stefan finally admits that he is deeply, passionately and strongly in love with Elena, he initially keeps his vampire nature a secret from her to protect her from himself, his dangerous brother, Damon and keep her safe.

Due to this secrecy on Stefan's behalf regarding his dark, tortured and mysterious past, this causes some conflict, struggle, tension and distance in their strong mutual bond, along with many other outside forces and obstacles.

Guardian Soulmates is like the Sainsbury's of dating isn't it? I don't know because I would never spend £25 a month on deflated hopes.

I wonder if the whole £25 is the real seal of quality - this guy can afford A REGULAR OUTGOING DIRECT DEBIT THAT ISN'T A BILL.

Katherine turned both Stefan and Damon into vampires over five hundred years ago.

She then "committed suicide" and the Salvatore brothers ended killing one another after fighting to the death with their swords, because each brother blamed the other for her death (later on revealed to be her fake death).

Always in control, no boy that she has ever seen or dated has ever stirred her innermost feelings, passions and desires.Immediately, indescribably and deeply drawn to Stefan with a frightening and scary intensity, Elena knows that she must be with Stefan under any circumstances, even if it kills them both. But aside from the immediate, intense, and an indescribable connection that she feels to Stefan, the combination of Stefan's outer qualities such as his quick intelligence, hard-to-get and challenging ways, loner aura, classic romance novel appearance, and distant mysterious demeanor only makes Elena desire Stefan even more and makes Elena all the more determined to be with him.However, Elena is completely unaware that Stefan is a centuries old (aged 500 ) vampire who had renounced his living in the darkness and in the shadows.However, Elena strongly believes this isn't true at all and she fiercely defends Stefan, believing that he is completely and totally innocent.Elena begins to believe that the real killer of Mr.

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Stefan has spent centuries in the shadows consumed with overwhelming guilt, loneliness, sadness and self-hatred.

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