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The docu-drama captures the essence of Rahman's creative process, through the composer's tour along with his band across 14 locations in North America.

The film is meant to be a treat for Rahman fans, taking them into the world of the maestro, revealing how he plans and executes his spectacular concerts through live-show footage, in-depth interviews and rare personal clips. Proceeds from the film, slated for a release this month, will go to One Heart Music Foundation that Rahman has set up for needy musicians and their families.

'Hollywood stars have forever recorded their own songs. 'The idea renders authenticity to numbers that are being lip-synced, so I would call it a good trend.

I feel it is the next level of the art of playback singing,' says Rahman, on the role reversal currently popular in Bollywood.

'Cinema is a medium that reaches out to all, so I felt it would be a good idea to make a film in order to raise money for the cause,' he says.

'The effort is to give back to the industry to which I owe everything.

No one tells me what to do and I can come and go as I wish,' he states.

Rahman's plan is to make films that have music as a theme, but he declares he will not necessarily face the camera every time.

'Demand for better music has to spring from the filmmaking level.'The pressure does increase with each new project, and I do constantly strive to better myself than where I was the last time.Pushing the envelope is in my hands, so I keep doing it.'I feel more focus needs to be given to our classical roots while creating music.The overall musical arrangement can be more Indian.' Talk of musical arrangement, of course, brings to fore the remix rage, which currently rules Bollywood.

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'So, when I set out to make a movie, everyone seems to be asking, "why is he making a movie now?

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