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Most games feature graphical or other settings that can be turned down to enable faster performance, and higher compatibility with older computers. Turning them down - lessening the graphical razzle-dazzle in exchange for reducing the burden on your hardware - can solve some problems.

We often suggest that you don't use an Admin account to do your day-to-day stuff in OS X (although most of the time we do).

Find them by choosing Go As a final option you can delete and reinstall the game.

When deleting the game we find it's best to use App Zapper, which clears out the main game file and also all of the supporting files.

Together we work to create a school community in which our children can thrive.This will let you know if it's a problem with the game, or if it simply requires a more powerful Mac than you've got.If the game has higher system requirements than your Mac, there is little you can do but either get a better Mac or try to get a refund on the game.If any of your games have uninstalled updates they will be shown here. If all of your Mac App Store games are up to date, it will say No Updates Available.Updating other games varies from title to title, but a quick check through the main menu should yield what you're looking for.

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