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The arrival of the Portuguese in 1498 checked the then well-established community's progress.However, in the later Colonial period Muslims increased by conversion chiefly among the "outcaste" Hindu groups of southern interior Malabar as Muslim traders turned inland in search of alternative occupations to commerce.The British won the Anglo-Mysore War against Tippu Sultan and, consequently, Malabar was organised as a district under Madras Presidency.The British repaid landlord communities with a slew of measures: The first one being the abolishing of tenant rights over land.According to a tradition, Cheraman Perumal, the last of the Chera kings, became a convert to Islam and traveled to Mecca and this event helped the spread of Islam.The Muslims were a major power to be reckoned with in the kingdom and had great influence in the court.Islam might have been introduced in the region by the Arab traders in the 7th or 8th century AD.

The largely kudiyaan (tenant) Mappilas also attacked and killed jenmi (landlords).

Muslim merchants (Malik Deenar) settled in Kerala by the 7th century AD and introduced Islam.

The Cheraman Juma Masjid said to be the very first mosque in India situated in Kodungallur Taluk, in state of Kerala.

by the British authorities in the Eranad and Valluvanad taluks of Malabar.

In the initial stages, a number of minor clashes took place between Khilafat volunteers and the police, but the violence soon spread across the region.

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