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To get married in Vegas you must be at least 18 years old.At 16 or 17, you can get married if you have written consent from one parent.Most of our wedding packages from 9 include a limo ride to get your marriage license.Spare yourself the extra and get yourself a really nice wedding package that includes everything you'll need.Will you start your own traditions, or continue those of your family of origin?What role will our family have when it comes to our life and decision making?The epidemic of extravagant weddings is seeping into our culture in an unmistakable way.

What expectations do you have and are you on the same page?It’s crucial to get comfortable with this topic of conversation, because it’s one that you’ll carry on for the rest of your married life.What are your views of sex, and how have they been shaped?Yes, that is quite the difference, but wait until you see what you get!Hours 8am to midnight every day of the year including holidays Identification Requirements You will need valid identification - Any of the following may be used: Additional Notes There is no waiting period or blood testing required. In other words, once you get your license you must have a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas within one year.

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