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Our goal throughout the process will be to improve your emotional, physical and relational health.Couples and/or family therapy, as well as group therapy with others in recovery may also be recommended.I provide a confidential, nonjudgmental environment to explore healthy intimacy and the ways in which sex can become unhealthy and self-destructive.Through empathic support, compassion, and education, you will acquire the tools necessary to establish sobriety and begin the process of recovery.

This ultimately leads to relapse and further shame.In the initial phase of therapy we work to identify your cycle of addiction and triggers and develop a relapse prevention strategy.Many people new to recovery are in crisis and need help and support in dealing with the consequences of addictive behavior.The addict falls into a self-destructive cycle of impaired thinking and judgment, with urges and cravings that lead to unmanageable sexual behavior.This acting-out behavior leads to severe consequences in the addict’s life.

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