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Immediately after the February NVAC meeting I requested copies of the organizational written public comments submitted to the NVAC on this matter and received those comments last week.The comments, which by law must be made available to the public, may be obtained from our website here, or can be requested from NVPO by email with the understanding that the available files are currently not in compliance with the US Rehabilitation Act.In February I reported on the National Vaccine Program Office’s (NVPO) federal advisory committee, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), and their recommendation that health care facilities consider mandatory flu shot policies as a condition of employment for health care professionals in order to meet Healthy People 2020 goals.NVIC is on record as opposing the NVAC’s recommendation due to the absence of flexible medical, religious and personal/philosophical/conscientious belief exemptions in the recommendation.If this is the AMA’s most current policy, I have to ask myself, is there a secret handshake allowing private exemption to those in the know?I ask because this organization appears to publicly discourage individuals from exercising the same exemption options for school entry.Therefore those healthcare employers with unionized workforces cannot unilaterally implement mandatory influenza programs with the consequence of discipline or discharge for those unwilling to do so without negotiating with the union should the union wish to do so.

In light of the aggressive push by government and medical trade associations like the AMA to mandate influenza vaccine for all health care workers in the U.

Below are additional quotes I have chosen to highlight taken from the written public comments submitted to the NVAC by organizations opposing influenza vaccine mandates for health care professionals and which support informed consent and/or medical, religious and personal/philosophical/conscientious belief exemptions.

“The AFT believes that establishing a mandatory seasonal influenza program is a change to the terms and conditions of employment.

I can now report to our readers the gist of these comments and say that our health care professionals are not alone in their fight for autonomy and respect.

NVIC is in good company in defending the informed consent ethic for health care professionals facing workplace influenza vaccine mandates.

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Federal advisory committees meet throughout the year and NVIC continues to monitor and inform our readers of their activities and continues to stand up for informed consent during public comment and engagement.

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