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I'm starting to realise this now, how vulnerable you feel as an actor."And then there's the limelight and the gossip, which the now single Irons experienced first-hand when dating the Australian actress Emily Browning, and vicariously as a boy, the state of his parents' marriage having been the subject of endless tabloid speculation. "I grew up in the countryside," he says of his upbringing in Oxfordshire, where author Ian Mc Ewan was a neighbour. I had no real memories of going on set, or paparazzi or parties or anything like that."He currently inhabits his parents' mews flat in Notting Hill, west London, and avoids the company of other thespians. Being the eldest child, Emily used to have responsibilities from her earliest days.Apart from taking care of her siblings, she was also to feed them or clean them at occasions, and made sure they didn’t fight.She was born as the first out of 3 children to a plumber named Andrew Browning and his kinder garden teacher wife, Shelly.The couple also had two sons after Emily, named Nicholas and Matthews.There was a franchise that came in my direction and I said 'I can't do it' and my agent said 'No, you need to do this, it will add another zero to your pay, and I said, 'no, I can't … I think they got the message now."This despite his parents' warnings. "He's a force of nature, I'll put it that way; he likes to make his voice heard on set, and I wouldn't be able to disentangle father and actor.

"Since X-Men our perceptions of what success is have changed," he says.She attended the local Eltham High School, where she earned to perform by participating in any of the school’s programs.She was also a graceful dancer and a good student too, and she was also very active in sports.(While working in a restaurant to pay his way through drama school, Irons was spotted by no less than Mario Testino, subsequently winning a contract with Burberry.)Today he looks dashing in a doublet ("It's like wearing a duvet"), the part requiring him to age 20 years. "My mum wanted me to go through state education," he says."She was very keen on that, but the class size wasn't good for my dyslexia and I was falling behind." This difficulty in being able to read fluently also nearly stymied his acting ambitions.

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Irons will have a busy year to concentrate on getting over the break-up - he beat out Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Game of Thrones star Kit Harington for a leading role in Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's upcoming film adaptation of The Host.

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