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f) International Toll Free Numbers is used when any company has focus on a particular outside market, let’s assume USA, then you can buy a USA Toll Free Number, which will make it easy and free for USA residents to call on.g) Short Code is used for running smart, short SMS campaigns and offers by many marketing & branding agencies.Completely free Karnataka dating site for singles real whatsapp girls and guys to get the whatsapp mobile numbers by chatting with them and meeting online in Karnataka!Register 100% free and find Karnataka girls on whatsapp and get Karnataka whatsapp girl no for mobile chatting and whatsapp messaging in Karnataka!

– No Outgoing nor Incoming SMS (Outgoing SMS possible with some solutions like ours via a sender ID, but not on a normal toll-free phone) – No Outbound Calls – Inbound/Incoming calls available – Zero (0) call rates, i.e.are available at an extra premium price on all types of phone number options in India.It is typically the businesses decision on how much will it matter to have the number easy to remember.Even a Just Dial number is publicized with a “0” because there is no mobile number which will be local charges for all Indian consumers. Mobile Number with Incoming SMS (in a smart phone solution) (also called Long Code) – Both Outgoing & Incoming SMS available – Outbound Local & STD possible – Inbound available – Normal call rates charged for “consumer calling in” depending upon his/her plan – Can be reached by any mobile or land-line phone from across India and the world – This are special series numbers available via some specific operators, solution providers – Some examples are 9243-396835 (Exotel for Food) and Groupon (click here to see their case study and number 92) 4.Mobile Number with Incoming SMS, but NO Call facility – Both Outgoing and Incoming SMS possible – No Outgoing/Outbound call possible, neither Inbound/Incoming calls possible 5.

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If you are keen on getting a phone number for your business & setting up a simple IVR ( Interactive Voice Response ) system, Exotel offers a Free Trial worth INR 1000 & Demo of the Exotel Cloud Telephony Platform.

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