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At the core of playing any Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is the inescapable element of human drama.Whether you're playing in a galaxy far far away, or in a city of heroes, you are bound to come up against the same pathos of your everyday real life (RL) existence.

A jealous partner would probably not be supportive or condone any type of in-game romance role-playing, whereas another type of partner may have no concerns whatsoever. Honey, if you left me for someone you met playing Star Wars Galaxies then it was probably my fault? Please submit your MMORPG stories and screenies to her at: [email protected] Topic: Me, Myself and I ?

One area in particular, that of romance, emerges as a regular if not given element in online game play.

There are several dynamics in the MMORPG romance, and they are all in some way or another dictated by the personal dynamics of those behind the keyboard. The husband and wife who play together stay together?

Arche Age is a unique, 3D-sandbox, fantasy MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy world of Erenor, in which two factions - the Nuia and Haranya - wage constant war. Publisher: Game On Playerbase: Low Type: Fantasy MMORPG Release Date: April 6, 2017 Pros: Based on a well known franchise. Publisher: Playerbase: Medium Type: MMORPG Release Date: July 16, 2015 Pv P: Duels / Arenas Pros: Gorgeous Sci-fi environments.

The game features four character-locked classes, an isometric camera view, point & click gameplay, and a vibrant fantasy world. Players start off as powerful immortals and can eventually ascend to become a god.

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A curious offshoot of this is the husband and wife who play together, on the same server, many times in the same Player Association (PA ? relations outside of the primary relationship, or a genuine sense of role-playing not connecting what goes on from between being Out of Character (OOC) or In Character (IC). Those are the times that can be sheer delight, with many couples going on to date and get married, or sheer disaster with usually one person feeling taken for a ride. With all the joy that an MMORPG romance can bring there is also a dark side to all this: jealousy, betrayal, and the inevitable breakup. What was interesting is it took me a few minute to realize he was not talking about a RL girlfriend.

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