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My husband is a great guy and doesn't deserve this - he for one always wants sex.I don't know if I've grown bored with my life and I'm just looking for something exciting and kinda "risky". This whole "wanting to have casual flings" just started 2 months ago.If you do not want to "cheat" on your husband you may want to tell your pdoc about these symptoms and you may want to start seeing a therapist (tdoc) to sort thru some of these symptoms/feelings you are having and how to deal with them.I'm glad you posted, you are definately not alone; i wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.

Trust me, its a street you dont want to go down lightly.My husband and I have no sex life (maybe once a month) because I have no sex drive when it comes to him.We have two small kids, so thats plays a factor in finding the time. However, I find myself interested in "one night stands" or flings" with other men (men that I know,that I'm friends with) thats just strictly sex - no feelings or emotions involved.I had to tell my husband about the affairs and it killed me to see him so hurt.He made me get tested for every STD there was and REFUSED to had any kind of physical contact with me until I was tested as clean. After that I had a few one night stands a few very short term affairs and one long term affair that was on & off for years when I'd be in a hypomanic state.

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All the Best,"Achilles" You are definately not alone. I try to direct it towards my husband but for some reason there is always an excuse.

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