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[NOTE: if you’re still seeking your outdoor-lovin’ match, and are ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really to meet, try Meet Mindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles.] Below are some ideas to help you get out, get active, and build on that emotional connection you’re already feeling.Whether it’s a second, third or 10th date, getting outdoors and into nature is a great way to change things up.Coloradans are among the most active individuals in the country, so why are we trying to get to know people through sterile encounters when we can get active in our beautiful state? Gociety is a Denver-based social media app that focuses on active lifestyles.It launched in 2012 and reports 27,000 members in Colorado and nationwide.Exploring together, sharing new experiences and adventures or just enjoying being outside in nature can enhance a new or existing relationship and provides a change of scenery.Taking part in a physical activity is a great way to connect because it offers the ability to be spontaneous, to try something different and provides excellent motivation to turn off the cell phone, unplug from technology and eliminate the background noise that so often plagues our daily lives.Some events have a cap on how many participants can join, while others can host an unlimited amount of nature lovers.Gociety was inspired by a true love of the outdoors and a joint realization that it was very hard to get out of the singles line at a ski resort.

I am blessed to live in Colorado, where not only are people extremely active, but we’re lucky to have over 300 days of sunshine each year which allows for a lot of potential date settings.At the time, I had just moved to Denver and was (again) facing the same issue: “How do I meet friends who are more like me?” Alex and I were both ‘free agents’ and using dating apps in an attempt to find cool people with varying results.By getting outside and physically active, you have the chance to see a potential partner in a different setting—i.e.: not all dressed up and trying to impress you!Being able to connect with someone on various levels is important in any relationship and getting out of your comfort zone gives you the chance to see traits in your partner you might not otherwise recognize.

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Working out with your partner is great way to push yourself and give each other a little encouragement.

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