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By the end it was challenging to document rather than participate.

My experience on the project helped me recognize that I would rather be a participant. MJ: Describe the different codes or shorthand that prostitutes use when advertising themselves on CB radios. Most truck drivers refer to the sex workers as “lot lizards.” The girls prefer the term “working girls.” They call the act itself “turning a trick” or “dating.” I find the euphemisms indicative.

We put together a map indicating hotspots around the country. They weren’t writers, filmmakers, musicians, or painters.Betty and Monica are addicted to crack, Monica is homeless when she’s not crashing with friends or sympathetic drivers, and both are entangled in dysfunctional relationships.“I can feel money,” Betty says, a kind of human divining rod, and yet she spends most of the film desperately searching for just that.Indeed, what Perlman captures in is visceral and harrowing.The film’s three protagonists—Betty, Monica, and Jennifer—work on the fringes of the trucking industry.

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