Rules of dating multiple guys

“Seeing how different men relate to you can open your eyes about what you want in a man.” She also says there’s no need to tell the person you’re with about other dates if you don't have an exclusivity agreement — which I agree with.But, as human beings with human emotions (not to say someone in your rotation couldn’t be a complete sociopath), dating more than one person can, inevitably, get complicated.They’re all in the notes section of my phone: the 26-year-old graphic designer from Baltimore. A couple of actor/bartenders who live within a five-mile radius of my place in Central Los Angeles.

“I don’t plan on dating this way forever,” Monica says.

“I could only juggle three people at a time for one-month spans before it got out of hand — someone would freak out or want commitment,” she says.

“I dated someone for nine months that came out of a rotation.

If it causes you unnecessary stress, or you’re using the relationships to avoid other issues, opt out.

And, if you're meeting a lot of interesting people, "keeping your options open," and having a blast?

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I was fresh out of a relationship, breakup wounds still searing.

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