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Of course, in other countries the scanners may or may not be that [email protected] Breatta - I think that incident was in the last year or so.Even with the new scanners, operators have to input a gender into the machine, which affects what it expects.As a free online dating community, chatting with ladies & guys, and using its endless dating services is 100% free.

On an unrelated note, I'd like to point out that Russia doesn't really like 'nontraditional' people and you might face bigger issues at Russian immigration rather than the airline [email protected] I agree with your latest comment.

female for long hair and soft features or male for short hair and a beard." Good advice. S., security does body scans which will show the nature of the traveler's genitalia.

A while ago, there was a trans woman traveling who was stopped from boarding because the screening showed male genitalia.

Previously booking a flight wasn't an issue because their previous passports stated they were a woman.

The problem is every time you book a flight you need to choose from 2 genders.

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