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Dating violence occurs in intimate relationships and involves a pattern of behavior in which one person tries to exert power and control over another person.

Dating violence can take many forms, including emotional, verbal, sexual, physical, and economic abuse.

Does one have an obligation to stop unwanted sexual activities even when he or she is turned on?

Is there ever a time when “no” means “yes” or “maybe”?

The above scenario is an example of date rape; being forced into sexual intercourse by someone the victim is or has been dating.

Rob and Sally had been dating for a period of time when she was forced into unwanted sexual intercourse.

There is only one place to meet single men and that place is called the pub. Some women dream of becoming an engineer, joining the army or becoming the female Bill Gates, but you’d never know it from all the articles on how to create ‘your dream job’ as a handbag designer.

A list of offenders, both on and off supervision, can be obtained by calling the Oregon State Police at 503-378-3725 Extension 4429.

Bystander intervention is a sexual assault prevention strategy that encourages witnesses to take safe action when they see a situation that might lead to sexual assault, and to support victims after an incident.

Bystander intervention shows promise as a strategy to prevent sexual assault, including in schools.

(or something like that) I can assure you that a) women’s mags like to repeat stuff and b) despite their need to fill up pages every week/month you will never read any of the following truths in them… It doesn’t matter who designed it or how much it costs if it makes you look like a potato. The place to meet single men is not evening classes or activities.

How many men do you seriously expect to meet in a choir, in an am dram group or at a salsa class?

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