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To keep this in context, let’s assume there isn’t any serious abuse going on in either direction. It’s usually around marriage year 15 – sometimes much earlier – sometimes later.

And let’s assume there hasn’t been any affairs or addictions or major illnesses involved. He’s had a long run of doing things that, from her perspective, have created a huge hole in her ability to see him as trustworthy.

And she sounds like broken record for the next few years with He wants her more than ever and she acts like she can’t imagine being close to him.

Even after he says his patience has run out, he stays the course for another 5 years. Sheryl Paul is an accomplished counselor who specializes in life transitions with women.

But later, as the feelings of “in loveness” fade, she begins to panic about trying to get those feelings back.

Sheryl describes the other brand of Relationship Anxiety as more of a slow burn that may have started at the very beginning of the relationship.

We need to fix this.”Jane: “I know that you want to fix this and I’ve asked you to be patient.Simple Google searches give a guy enough smarts to develop some serious empathy for what is going on with her.And patience is again the prescription for dealing with it.In this environment being patient is easier as well as finding time and desire for sex. His lack of patience is usually related to pent-up resentment and anger over something else that is missing – and it’s not sex.But patience is more difficult when a man feels like he’s on the outside. While he may understand the chemistry behind her lack of desire, it doesn’t help his chronic feelings of rejection, undesirability and disconnection. Patience without her expressed desire and effort to “fix things” feels like a waste of time. I ask my guys, Sexual intimacy can take a nose dive for many reasons in your marriage.

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