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Contact us for new controllers, maintaining or troubleshooting existing controllers, providing spare parts, or if you have any questions regarding your fire protection installation.The researchers had to guess each person's age and realized that those who were having sex more often were viewed as seven to 12 years younger than their real age. Estrogen, especially, aids in the softening of skin -- and who wouldn't want that?You may think the insane amount of physical activity you just engaged in is what is putting you to sleep afterwards, but that isn't really the case.The study focused on people who lived with their partners, which clearly makes frequent sex more of a reality than a dream.Obviously sex is a workout, but how much of one is it really? For every half hour you spend getting it on, you can burn over 144 calories and the more you move around, the more calories you will burn. from the University of the West of Scotland, conducted research that affirmed people who had sex "once over two weeks were better able to a manage stressful situations such as public speaking."Could you imagine how much less stressed you would be if you just upped that amount?

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