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I prefer mine on the left side, so this is a nice feature. Experiencing an odd issue where if I'm playing in Fullscreen mode Sexy Map blinks continuously whenever I'm indoors (buildings, tunnels, whatever).When I am moving it, the box appears as full length but seems like there might be a way to shorten it (which I'd like to do). The whole map seems to be refreshing, for a lack of a better description.You can instantly find male or female users who interest you, and invite them to a private cam chat.Some features do require registration, however, including unlimited messages, private webcam chat, reseved nickname, and members only room access.You can chat privately with other users, or visit one of thousands of chat rooms to make a connection. Streaming directly from their computers or mobile devices, these cam stars are always on and always stunning. While 18 -style rooms aren’t supported, that hasn’t stopped some users from sharing sexy webcam shows on the app. If I switch to Windowed Full Screen mode, though, this stops happening. Thanks for keeping this excellent addon going and updated!I was wondering if anyone know of anyplace to get additional graphical presets?

Many of the original and the submitted textures are excellent, but I've been considering doing some customization that I'd like to share - or maybe someone else, far more artistically inclined than I, has already done a better version! One thing I miss is the gathering function which seems to have broken sometime between the time I last played and this new burst of Wo W.rooms with voice and webcams make of the best places to meet and chat with Arab people to make Arabic friends from America , Canada, Australia, U.K, Norway, Sweden, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Europe, Germany, France, Italy and all over the world. The voice chat makes it really unique when combined with webcams.It would be nice to see additional presets added, or an easy way to import and export them. Trying to enable it causes an error and no change to the minimap.No other addons were loaded at the time of this error and attempt.

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So that part kind of needs bit of improvement, if possible.

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