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We found that single women over 40, prefer to use online dating as a way to meet other like-minded people, we have created a platform where local senior singles can meet up for fun dates or just find a few interesting friends.There is no pressure, when you are ready to meet singles in your area, sign up and take a look around, just don’t forget to put your photo up on your profile page.The remains of the 80 ft (24 m) tall, four-storey rectangular great keep are still standing on the north side of the motte.

This approach is slowly phasing out as more and more individuals seek to meet and date singles online.

The great keep appears powerful, but was built as a compromise between security and comfort - the building has relatively few arrowslits - many of the externally visible arrowslits are fakes and the building as a whole could easily have been undermined.

On the highest point of the main motte are the remains of one wall of what appears to have been an earlier small square keep, probably dating from the 11th or 12th centuries.

Dating for over 50s can be a little tough, society is quick to judge and point fingers.

We are dedicated to building a community of over 50s men and women that can come together and share their life experiences.

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  1. Some of those qualities might be age or attractiveness - and some are financial."Indeed, just go on popular dating sites such as, and one of the criteria for winnowing down potential matches is annual income."And in the intervening 20 years between when I first dated and now, I'd learned a lot about markets." His book, "Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned From Online Dating" (Harvard Business Review Press; January 2014), breaks down online dating into basic economic principles.