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Application and module developers can find a summary of API changes in the API updates overview.

Before ignoring a false positive, be certain it is actually a false positive and also consider reporting it in case changes can be made to Brakeman to prevent the false positive in the future.The ignore configuration is a JSON file containing a list of warnings.This is essentially the same as the JSON report, except the warnings can also have a i - Add warning to ignore list n - Add warning to ignore list and add note s - Skip this warning (will remain ignored or shown) u - Remove this warning from ignore list a - Ignore this warning and all remaining warnings k - Skip this warning and all remaining warnings q - Quit, do not update ignored warnings ?A compromised website may put the whole business at significant risk, and the costs of recovering can be incredibly high. Constantly waiting for the @drupalsecurity announcements, being afraid of missing the important update and overflowed with information, irrelevant to your application, is definitely not the best way to do things.Even if you use one of the external monitoring services, which provide you the information on relevant updates only, see all points listed above for all the other consequences.

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