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3 above — any film with over a 60 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes was deemed ineligible — the remaining movies were put through this formula: I know. CR stands for Cultural Relevance, and was determined by multiplying a movie’s number of Google News hits in the last year (with 1 point being awarded per 100 hits) by the number of years it’s been since that movie’s release.

A Good Bad Movie’s ability to stay in the cultural conversation years after it came out is important, and indicates how a respective movie is gaining appreciation and growing a fan base.

Therefore, following these three rules is a solid, efficient way to determine whether a movie is Good Bad: nominating candidates.

After weeding out the nominees that did not adhere to Rule No.

Previous Roles: Ooh, this dude’s been in everything.

He’s Nora Dunn’s brother, and a modern-day HBO big-shot: On movies — you can ask him yourself which of those he’s most proud of.

Role: Don Taylor, the murder victim’s estranged stepfather.

Not-So-Delightful Quote: [In regard to crime-scene photos of his murdered stepdaughter] “I don’t wanna see those.” Vibe: Shell-shocked, contemptuous.

Steve Barker (Johnny Knoxville) is an office drone who wants to move up the corporate ladder, but when he asks his boss for a promotion, it comes with a condition -- Steve has to fire Stavi (Luis Avalos), who has been the firm's janitor for years.

Whether it’s due to bad special effects, awful acting, or a completely absurd or nonsensical plot, these films create a sense of sheer wonderment and force you to exclaim, "How is this a movie?! Because it’s summertime — the season when so many Good Bad Movies have bloomed — we wanted to give the subgenre the attention it deserves.

" But the mere fact that something so illogical, or low-budget, or ill-conceived exists is at the root of why we like these movies. We’ll be exploring the genre at length, but no project would be complete without a big list that definitively determines the greatest Good Bad Movies to ever be released.

Previous Roles: Paul is well known within the , where he did a long, oily run as Mickey Doyle, complete with a spectacularly grating signature giggle that is not likely to be evident on this show.

There is, however, a unifying aura of total derision, like so: Role: Wiggins, the cop who pulls over Naz.

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