Web services validating the sender

When you expose a service by using the Net Tcp adapter, you can consume the service by adding a service reference in Visual Studio.

If you specify the service reference by using an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) you may see error messages and the service reference is not added.

Change tracking must be enabled for the database tables that the document service uses.

For more information about how to enable change tracking, see Configuring and Managing Change Tracking.

You must then add, as a user, the domain account for all AOS instances that require access.

If you activate or deactivate an integration port, all integration ports on the instance of AOS are reactivated.

For synchronous messages, use pipelines for preprocessing and post-processing of AIF messages.

Document versions are logged only for pipeline components.To enable recognition of IDN names, you must specify element in the application configuration file.The following code example shows a configuration used by the Uri class to support parsing of International Resource Identifiers (IRI) and support for IDN names.Files handled by integration ports that use the file system adapter must use the file-name extension for outbound files.If you delete a service from the Application Object Tree (AOT), and then you add the service back to the AOT, you must perform a full generation of the common intermediate language (CIL) for the Microsoft . Use the field is not retrieved for documents that contain views.

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If you set the Check Invalid Field Access database configuration parameter when you test service operations on documents that contain views, the service operations stop, and generate a stack trace or other errors.

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