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I crave savoury things in the morning and like lots of salt. 11pm Wind down after the show with a big glass of prosecco.

Nibble on some brie and chutney with a couple of oatcakes when I get home.

But it’s something I’ve always been keen to do and have been encouraged to do so, which is nice. You mention the stage fright you experienced when coming back after seven years. I mean, people are mostly standing at The Globe anyway, I know, but those that weren’t stood up to applaud us. There were a few things that went wrong throughout the run, as there always are….

But playing Anne Boleyn twice, back-to-back, in productions of Henry because I wasn’t on-stage for the first half an hour and then had to come on… Oh, I couldn’t get my head out of the bag at one point.

not that Jack and Georgina are ever in on the joke.Miranda Raison: I’m rubbish and Toby’s worse [laughs]! I’m one of those people who can be OK if I can hold it for a few seconds.But Toby lasts for less than a second before he’s off. And when he goes, he sets everybody in the crew off, so if I do keep it together, I’ll then see the camera shaking and think: “Great! ” [Laughs] So, yes there were certain things we were asked to do that we did find quite hard, although I think the worst moment was when he was doing his song on the guitar.Miranda Raison: I think that because the producers are very conscious of that, they make you feel fine.They never made me feel like I was taking over from somebody. And I think they’re clever about the way in which they go about things.

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