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“Nah, even if I have a day off I’m always thinking about work, and I don’t really have a tremendous life outside of work.

It’s kind of sad, but true.” Angel’s laser-like focus on work and obsession with perfection have paid off big time, as some of his stunning career statistics vividly illustrate; he performs approximately 400 live shows per year, to an audience totaling over half a million.

So that means setting new goals all the time, and trying to be the best at what I do, whether it’s performing on stage, doing TV, movies, whatever.” Even in terms of performing familiar illusions “like cutting someone in half, or levitation,” Angel says he will spend years “and millions of dollars” to update the routines and make them truly spectacular for today’s audiences.

“I’m constantly trying to push the envelope, and, for instance, I’ll use technology developed by NASA to help reach that goal.” Suggest that there must be some days when he just wants to relax and, say, go fishing, and he seems doubtful.

His “Believe” show featured more than 40 of the most spectacular illusions ever performed, more than any other magic show in the world.

’ It was like this unattainable dream back then, and now it’s coming true,” he says.“So we’ve done a lot of very different things, and I’m very proud of all of it,” he adds.But he rates his biggest accomplishment so far as his ongoing efforts to help children suffering from cancer through his charitable works.Criss Angel is a driven man — in both senses of the word.Right now, he’s talking as he’s being driven to the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where for the past year he’s performed his latest sell-out show “Mindfreak Live!

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