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He returned with the French expedition of 1513 that was defeated at Novara, but he w^as permitted to return to Cortemaggiore after Massimiliano Sforza intervened on his behalf.Marcantonio, the second son, was originally on the side of Lodovico Sforza, but in 1499, w'hen the French took Milan, he swore fealt}' to the king of France in the name of his father Orlando. As indicated by its name, Cortemaggiore verv probably had been the location of a Lombard royal court, and it was certainly the site of a Carolingian royal court, as evidenced in a diploma of Louis the German, which mentions a "Curtis Maior in Piacentino comi- tatu et in Aucia."'*'^' Possibly Gian Lodovico thought that Cortemaggiore was the ancestral seat of the very Obertenghi from whom he was descend- ed.-*' In any event, he decided to transform Cortemaggiore into a small princely capital in Renaissance st\'le. Evidentlv the Pallavicino of the Quattrocento considered Cortemag- giore a site of historical importance, notwithstanding the town's small size and unremarkable appearance.

North-central Italy in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries wit- nessed a number of attempts to create small capitals that conformed to Renaissance aesthetic principles.

Così come con le edizioni e gli studi mariniani egli ha aperto la strada a una nuova filologia secentesca e a una nuova percezione del Barocco, con i suoi lavori nell'ambito del sacro egli ha puntato su una fenomenologia della scrittura e della creazione artistica che costituisce una vera e propria illuminazione per i nostri tempi.

The Cultivation of National Identity around the Risorgimento. I suoi studi sui temi e sulle figure hanno portato a capolavori critici quali L^ rosa in mano al professore (1974), Poesia per gioco (1984), La parola dipinta (1981), Sull'orlo del visibile parlare (1993).

The village was known as Cortemaggiore.'*'' It was in this small town that Castiglione's Gasparo was raised.

"Chiosar con altro testo" leggere Dante nel Trecento. Ladif.s Gian Lodovico, to^jether with five ot his retainers and their families, set- tied in a sleepy village of shepherds next to a ruined casde, located on the west bank of the river Arda, close to Piacenza and Cremona.

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